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Soooo sometime at the end of July I need to head up to Montreal to renew my study permit. I haven't gotten it yet, and hopefully I will so I don't have to pay a $2930482 re-instatement fee.

Jon, the guy who's taking care of my MaximCat, is also throwing a hissy fit because he peed on his throw rug. Apparently I was supposed to tell him Max peed on the futon, because it's not common knowledge that pets pee.

Also, I want to somehow get to Maine through all of this. Because it's the only state on the eastern seaboard I haven't been to and I want to see the whales.

I can think of lots of people who want to do at least one of the trips in this triangle. And Max needs to get from Montreal to New York.

Anyone else reminded of the game where you have to get a dog, cat, and mouse across a river without them eating eachother?

Basically what I'm asking is if anyone wants to play this with me. The prize is a free stay in Montreeaaal. Anyone? Bueller?
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