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Why I just died:

Jersey is going up to Montreal this weekend, and coming back down on wednesday. I asked, since she's going up, if she could bring Max down, forgetting that she's Jersey.

1) She's obviously bringing Jake, her dog.

2) Her rats, Petunia and Amy, are also coming down with her.

So, This weekend she will be crossing the border with a dog, a cat, and two rats. And apparently it costs $45 per rat to take them to a border vet. So, she will be crossing the border with a dog, a cat and the Mouskewitz family hidden away somewhere.

What was that July 12th Charley?

Anyone else reminded of the game where you have to get a dog, cat, and mouse across a river without them eating eachother?

Honestly, my cat's life is more interesting than mine at this point.
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