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So I've been noticing a new thing lately. I'm moving around in my sleep. It could be I'm just noticing it now because Maxim is in the room with me: he'll assume that my rolling around means that I want to play with him, when in reality I'm having a fun dream about chasing bunnies. Has anyone who's slept in the same room with me noticed me doing this?

I'm going to Maine this weekend! By way of Boston and New Hampshire! Well, I'm taking the chinatown bus up to Boston and then will take the T to Ellie's where we will leave. And Megan's taking us to a HICK BAR. Seriously, after a hick bar in Maine my life will pretty much be complete.

I also have a new plan-for-life-of-the-day. I was talking to Joey's girlfriend Amanda and she says that if you get a TAship in CUNY you go there for free. So I'll get my masters in CUNY, probably in urban planning with a concentration in economic development. Then prosident of the small island nation of San Lorenzo? I don't know.
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